Quality Treatment

Achieving recovery can be very challenging. Yet, as we have seen, people can and do recover! Once addiction has occurred, if allowed to progress will progressively debilitate family relationships and significantly reduce the family members ability to function.

Progressive Programs

ART programs are designed to be mission and philosophy driven. Each program is also driven by the intensity of the conditions being addressed, special population considerations, family involvement, and the uniqueness each client brings to the process.

Professional Staff

Our highly trained staff includes counselors and mental health professionals along with their clinical supervisors. Privacy, respect, and care are at our core. We welcome all walks of life and only disclose information with signed consent and do not permit re-disclosure.

We comply with all HIPAA and Federal Privacy policies and regulations.

What We Believe

We believe that every individual has a basic dignity and worth that needs to be maintained. We provide clear and accurate information delivered in a manner that assures dignity, worth, and specialness remain intact. Our professional staff will connect with clients in a meaningful and therapeutic way.

We believe a cooperative working relationship facilitates hope and the client’s belief that a positive treatment outcome is possible. Just a few areas of progress that clients experience at ART are:

  • Achieve goals
  • Get support
  • Stay connected
  • Grow and learn
  • Make Connections
  • Experience Honesty
  • Documentation
  • Treatment Planning
Addiction left unchecked can lead to emotional and social disparity.

We believe, and have seen, that families can engage in the treatment process and recover together. Our goal is to assist individuals to accept their dependency while teaching new ways to create positive friendships and relationships.

What To Expect

Individualized Treatment

Our service plans may include a variety of modalities designed to help you experience a positive outcome from participiating.

Quality Care

You may expect qualified licensed or permitted staff to provide treatment services. Privacy, respect, and care are exemplified.

Health and Wellness

Lasting recovery truly is a gift. Many struggle to recieve it. Yet we learn that we have to give it away to get it. We support you to build your own recovery.

What our clients say

Lots of healing has occurred with ART services over the years. Here's some words we have heard.

I finally felt able to connect with a counselor that gave me hope and that helped me through rough patches.

JB @ ART 2006

Actually, I'm just thankful [ART staff] were so patient with me and treated me respectfully.

TS @ ART 2001

My counselor helped me learn a lot about myself. I used to roll my eyes at treatment, but I gained new perspectives [at ART].

CL @ ART 2013

Everything is relative but after going through several other treatments I have to say my experience at ART was unique and special.

KD @ ART 2015

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of clinicians operating compassionate treatment facilities in Minnesota. Our staff work toward maintaining a safe environment in the facility and on facility grounds.

Our programs are based on a variety of scientific, experiential, and traditional beliefs about chemical use, co-occurring disorders, and the recovery process.

We care for feedback from those we serve.


ART Mankato
12 Civic Center Plaza
Suite #2116
Mankato, MN 56001

P: (507) 345-4670
F: (507) 345-1895

ART St. Peter
201 Park Row
St. Peter, MN 56082
P: (507) 934-4405
F: (507) 934-4575

E: info@addictionrectech.com