Addiction Recovery Technologies Locations

Please be patient while we get our website updated. Until the site is fully functional you can contact us at the information listed below. If you are looking for meetings for NA and AA you can check out the locator to the right of this page. Thanks for your patience.

12 Civic Center Plaza Suite 2116
Mankato, MN 56001
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903 W. Center Street Suite 230
Rochester, MN 55901 
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St. Peter Location-COMING SOON!

In the event you need immediate medical attention please contact your local emergency room or dial 911.


We recognize that the chemical and mental health experience, including the interrelated consequences, are different for each individual yet bear similarities, they are multidimensional and occur within our communities. While some people are able to alter a destructive course with minimal assistance and do not develop addiction and/or profound mental health complications others may develop complications and concerns. While we do believe in 'harm reduction' as a process, we do not encourage nor sanction teaching "using in moderation.” Once addiction has occurred, if allowed to progress will progressively debilitate family relationships and significantly reduce the family members ability to function. Addiction left unchecked can lead to emotional as well as social disparity. We believe and have seen that families can engage in the treatment process and recover together.